Why Choose BITS

We're here to stop you throwing away good money in hiring old skool ICT consultancy & development firms. We do this by presenting an alternate way to solve ICT issues, through our experts opinions and ICT skills.


What We do

We're glad to help with Online business innovation, tools and solutions! We are E-commerce Consultants focused on European Financial services industry, with a 'customer mobility first' approach.


How we do IT !

Agile, thats the secret recipe ! We cleverly align business processes and ICT infrastructures. Our unique benchmarked approach ensures maximum ROI on your time, money and energy.


Where we do IT !

At our development centres, at our clients corporate offices and on the ground with the END users. Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Mumbai, Delhi.. We have just started, keep watching this space !

Our Exclusive Services

How we can add Value to your organization's goals


App Focus

Digital Transformation is orienting business towards an App economy. Resulting in business being more mobile and productive on the go.

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BI Dashboards and Reports

Our Dashboards are flexible and can be customized by user. It can be viewed on all devices and has built in Escalation Matrix.

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Product Research

Our latest Works on Realtime De-identification Tool development for secure and cheaper access to data.

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E Learning 24/7

Combined with Industry insights, this is the perfect tool for productivity boost. Easily customised, with Learning Management Systems.

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SOAP or REST 'Chat'

We can make your system's chat with each other, and to our innovative products. Irrespective of whatever platforms they are on.

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Data Analytics

Whether its BIG data, or not so BIG, smart analytics is critically important. Our services enables you to grow your business from your data sets.

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  • For quite a time we struggled with a challenging technical problem. Bits2020 came in and fixed the problem within weeks, not months. I really like the fact that they’ve established an innovative operation that meets deadlines in a very cost effective way!

    Steven Vierhout, financial manager
    Nederlandse Ski Vereniging

  • We got some idea prototypes made from BITS initially. What we found unique was that BITS thought like us and was result oriented. Their business acumen compliments their exceptional digital skills. We have therefor taken some prototypes for further development with BITS.

    Ricky Mahabier, Manager

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Latest Views and Opinions

Market Trends

In 2015, Dutch ICT market has grown by approx 3%, with probably a shortage of 27,000 to 40,000 ICT professionals. This suggests that companies are growing, but are not able to get right resources. We also believe that real need is of solutions, vacancies no. is just a dependant parameter.

Problem Statement

There is a strong requirement for an ICT solution in Netherlands’ SME (Small and medium enterprises’s). Some business models are stagnating because of lack of ability to reach out to consumers on a real time basis, and benefit from process based analytics.

Present alternatives

The present solution addresses this problem to a limited extent. The IT strategy and implementation gap stops short of real time analysis. Also there are no mobile focused systematic solutions existing today to help some of these companies grow at the speed of their competitors globally.

Why Choose Us

  • Fast Creation

    Our deliverables are in WEEKS , not months or years. You will see the first FUNCTIONAL tool in a matter of weeks. Yes !! we repeat, weeks !
  • Ease in Use

    All our tools & solutions are easy in use. Users don’t need much explanation to use it.
  • Low Cost

    We work efficient with low overheads and don’t waste time on long implementations. Our emphasis is on your growth, and time is money !
  • Features

    In a continuously evolving digital world, our features are evolving too. We strive to include the best that technology can offer to business, through innovations of ICT use. Hence, we use farily unthought of tools
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